Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Premier League signs record TV deal

5 billion pounds! Once again - 5 billion pounds! That's how much the Premier League broadcasting rights from 2016 to 2019 in the UK cost. This doesn't even include all 380 league matches. It obviously means that the clubs involved are going to get a lot more money. In Britain they are already talking about how this should help grassroots football through greater investment and there is also reasonable talk about making match tickets cheaper for the average fan. These are indeed genuine points of discussion. One can only assume the international rights are going to be just as lucrative. As this writer doesn't support illegal streaming, the hope is increased cost of subscription at least bares out in the teams actually playing football with good players and a modicum of ambition. It gets tiring to watch the drudge served up by clubs like Aston Villa, Hull and Sunderland in recent seasons, not to mention the various mediocre teams that have been relegated and promoted since the last television rights deal was signed. Let the quality of football be the ultimate barometer above the marketing of the product.

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